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Reference: s082118g

ID: MV0141

Largest Property Offering In Mexico


A great investment opportunity In Baja, Mexico. Largest property in Mexico for Mining, Hotels, Residential, Tourism, Etc. - 315,590 Acres.

Reference: s082118g

ID: MV0141

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Business Description

The land is by far the largest plot of land for sale in Mexico with 315,590 Acres, the plot has several uses due to the size which includes mining, touristic and residential.

Federal funding for roads development can be achieved by the Mexican government. There is also the possibility of a lease on the mining areas.

315,590 Acres with 40+ Miles of Waterfront. Certifications and Permits to mine the deposits of Gold, Silver, Quartz, Marble, and Quarry.

Located in the peninsula of Baja and contiguous with the Gulf.

Baja is a well-known mining area bringing to date over 130 million USD per year.

The land has a privileged location with terrestrial access (9 kms) and marine. The land has all the legal documentation to validate ownership to date.

The ground use for mining operations is approved. Studies and certifications have been executed on the percentages for the deposit of gold, silver, onyx, marble, quartz, quarry and other types of limestone stones.

Appraisal, studies, and reports are available for review.

A concession for the exportation of the grounds could be considered depending on terms and conditions.

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