Bluebird Care’s Continued Success…

15 November 2013

Bluebird Care, the largest care franchisor in the UK and Republic of Ireland with over 180 franchised offices, continues to lead the way in the sector.

Franchise Owners increasingly reap the benefits of the proven Bluebird Care business systems and are achieving record results, with a number of franchises now seeing annual turnover in excess of £2m.  The Bluebird Care business model was specifically developed to meet the changing market of care at home provision very successfully targeting the growing private market where customers pay for their own care. This is a marked contrast with other care providers who often mainly target local authority contracts.

Now providing some £80m of care annually in the UK, Bluebird Care has proven that it is a better business model to concentrate on one aspect of care than try and cover a number of very different markets like providing nursing services.

“Bluebird Care is an expert in the field of providing care at home and this market continues to grow fast” said Paul Tarsey Bluebird Care’s Managing Director “When we originally developed the business model nearly 10 years ago, we deliberately set out to be at the forefront of the sector and not get diverted into other less profitable areas like nursing and care staff provision. I am delighted to say our original thoughts have been proved to be correct”.

Franchise Owner David Haswell started his first franchise in South Tyneside at the end of 2011. Having developed this business to over 100 customers and 50 staff, within 18 months, he purchased a second franchise in neighbouring Newcastle in April of this year.

“I was delighted with the fast start I had in my  business, as I was providing care to my first five customers within two weeks of opening the doors”  David said and was very keen to invest further in the Bluebird Care brand with another franchise. ‘Bluebird Care has delivered what they say they would deliver – and more” he enthused. “It is a very scalable business”.

Bluebird Care is now recognised as a leading care provider in the UK and this reputation means that franchise owners joining the business now have a big advantage.

“More and more franchise owners are joining us having been recommended to us by either other franchise owners or our customers who have been impressed with the care we have provided for them or their families” said Annetta Doyle Bluebird Care’s Franchise Recruitment Manager “This is fantastic, as word of mouth marketing is by far the best and also shows the confidence our franchise owners have in the Company”.

Bluebird Care’s tried and tested ‘Fast Start Programme’ means that franchise owners gain business very quickly. “The programme includes targets to ensure that our new Franchise Owners are delivering care to their first customers within seven days of the franchise starting to trade” said Annetta

Whilst many franchise territories have now been taken there remain opportunities in many parts of the UK. “Our franchise recruitment process will show if the person is right for Bluebird Care and the business is right for them” concludes Annetta “Having achieved so much in a short space of time Bluebird Care has a very exciting future”

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