Winter Checklists From Care Services Franchise

05 January 2011


The UK’s leading care-at-home provider Bluebird Care has issued a simple checklist to help its customers gear up for wintry conditions in the New Year.
As forecasters predicted a white Christmas was “almost a certainty” in some parts of the country, the Home Care Services Franchise Managing Director Paul Tarsey reported they were fully prepared for their busiest time of year.
Care workers won widespread praise during the heavy snowfalls of December – with many heart-warming stories of employees “going the extra mile” to walk through the snow and reach the customers who rely on them to get them washed and dressed, and to take vital medication.
Bluebird Care – which carries out 4,500 care visits a day to people in the comfort of their own homes – said some crises were inevitable during the Christmas and New Year break but many could be avoided.
Paul said, “People are likely to be traveling to family and friends, in weather conditions that are less than ideal. During the rush of preparing for the big day, it’s easy to overlook day-to-day necessities, which can then cause a lot of heartache. Some of the tips may sound obvious, but it’s very easy to forget something during the pre-Christmas rush – whatever our age or circumstances.”
Bluebird Care advises its customers to try to ensure they:
* Remember to pack essential medication. If the worst happens, emergency prescriptions can generally be obtained from the GP out-of-hours service, covering the area where you are staying.
* Consider having a free flu “jab”, if you qualify – providing you some protection during the traditional flu season (normally January and February). Many primary care trusts will also give jabs to carers.
* Ensure cars are well maintained, serviced, and tyres are checked and properly inflated, especially during icy conditions.
* Maintain and service boilers – gas companies and plumbers were run off their feet during the early cold snap, when central heating systems malfunctioned, leaving older people and the vulnerable at risk.
* Try to make sure a friend or neighbour is aware if you’re vulnerable and spending long periods alone.
* Try not to venture out in extreme weather conditions unless it’s essential. 
Bluebird Care is the UK’s foremost care-at-home provider and has 96 offices across the UK, plus the Republic of Ireland.
The company specialises in working with people requiring health care and their families, alongside Social Services, GPs and Primary Care Trusts. Bluebird Care also offers live-in support for people who would like, or who need, a greater level of care provision.

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